TEST of Borderlands 3 Le Casse du Beau Jackpot : The heist of the century ?

On September 13, the legendary license for the dystopian shooting game Borderlands was unearthed seven years later for a new installment pitting Lilith and the Ark Hunters against the Calypso Twins. The first Borderlands 3 CSD out of the four announced was released on December 19th and is entitled The Breakout of the Big Jackpot. Heading to the Borderlands 2 antagonist’s Casino to regain control.

If you’ve reached the discovery of the Sanctuary III ship in the main plot and passed level 13, you’ll be able to launch the Beautiful Jackpot DLC in the Moxxi bar. The lusty criminal sends you to a brand new area: the Beau Jack Casino, which has been abandoned for years after the death of the mythical antagonist of Borderlands 2. Moxxi believes he owns the casino and asks you to help him regain complete control. Except that in seven years of neglect, an entire ecosystem of rats and gangs has grown up there…

You are propelled into an abandoned casino that reflects the sadistic and egocentric personality of its late creator, the Beau Jack. The inspiration is clear: a Las Vegas that’s gone bad, where patrons get into debt and are locked in until their debt is paid off, which in most cases is never.

The concept, pushed to the extreme as the Borderlands universe knows how to do so well, is a success: between rigged slot machines that assault you, maddened customers and gang fights, the players have nothing to be bored about. Fans of the license and its most striking character, The Beautiful Jack, will appreciate the multiple references to the character that haunts these places at every corner.

The more or less subtle humour and the atmosphere of Borderlands are perfectly found in the casino. Colourful characters guide the player through the plot: there is a playable character from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, this time present as an NPC, and many new and successful protagonists. Players face new opponents, several more or less interesting bosses, and discover a new means of locomotion; all this without counting the exclusive DLC weapons. The expansion also offers simple challenges to complete in each zone and nine side quests. In terms of the amount of content, the contract seems to be fulfilled for an expansion at €14.99. What about quality?

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Friends Season 1 Episode 8, Episode 9

Episode 8: The One Where Nana Dies Twice

Chandler is shocked to find out that a lot of people think he’s gay when they first meet him. He tries to find out why by asking his friends and they tell him that their first impression of him was that he was a homosexual which you can obviously  watch Friends Season 8 Online.

Paolo gives shoes from Rome and not mention plenty of overseas calls.

Monica and Ross’ grandmother (nana) dies at the hospital – twice! During the funeral, Joey watches a football game on a portable TV he brings. Ross proceeds to hurt his back by accidentally falling into an open grave. He is given some prescription drugs for the pain and to relax his muscles but gets high on them instead. Monica tries very hard to deal with her mother’s criticisms.

Episode 9: The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Joey is ecstatic to get a job posing for a health poster. Unfortunately, he finds out later on that it is used for a V.D. poster. This results to a hilarious misunderstanding where his family thinks that Joey has D.V.

Ross goes to Carol, his ex-wife’s apartment for a skull-hunt. There, he finds Susan, his ex-wife’s lesbian partner instead. She helps him look for the skull and in the search process, Ross finds that Susan reads and speaks to the unborn baby. He is skeptical at first but eventually decides that he should do too.

Ross and Monica plan their own Thanksgiving dinner since their parents are away while Rachel has plans to go to Vail to be with her family but misses her flight. Everyone joins Ross and Monica due to individual reasons. The gang goes to the roof the watch the parade but witness the Underdog balloon breaks free instead. They soon find out that they had gotten locked out of Monica’s apartment. Dinner gets burned so everyone ends up eating Chandler’s cheese sandwiches and Funyuns instead.

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Why Use Recycled Plastic Lumber?

Plastic timber, poly-wood, permo-wood, envirowood, poly stumble and eco-blunder are for the most part names for a similar extraordinary item – regardless of what you call it – everything still alludes to the progressive material that is changing the easygoing and porch furniture industry. Poly wood is both environmentally well disposed and economically feasible.

Built from reused milk containers and plastic compartments, reused plastic wood is shaped into a significant number of the profiles you would anticipate from conventional timber. This element enables it to be sawed, cut and screwed much equivalent to wood stumble. It is currently being utilized for decking, railings, outdoor tables, seats, yard furniture and even childrens play area hardware. Purchasers can rest guaranteed that the utilization of reused poly wood keeps billions of pounds of recyclable plastics from entering our each developing landfills. Because of expanded environmental mindfulness post purchaser plastic container reusing has significantly expanded in the course of recent years from 234 million pounds to over a stunning 1.5 billion pounds.

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Customary hardwood wood is frequently treated with risky synthetic concoctions to avert conceivable creepy crawly assaults. It additionally will after some time need sanding and some kind of resurfacing and will likewise begin to spoil whenever left out in the components for delayed timeframes. Unexpectedly, plastic wood contains no risky synthetics and can not spill or debase the dirt nor does it require any support past cleaning as required which typically just requires hosing off.

Reused plastic wood is worked to withstand the majority of the components from cold winters, to tropical sun and salty, breezy beach front climate. This plastic wood is profound and not to be mistaken for a slight plastic item that his shaped and formed into seats that you find at many home stock stores. Poly wood is really framed into 2x4s, 2x6s and such to then be cut, screwed and collected into furniture that will enhance your yard, deck, poolside or garden. New applications for this item are being brainstormed each day. The latest proposal was for a counterfeit reef which would have a life expectancy of 60 years submerged in the sea.

Reused plastic wood is an economically feasible option in contrast to customary hardwood amble. It is worked to endure forever so there will be no supplanting your fragmenting, bug plagued or spoiling yard furniture in only years. Reused plastic wood is a companion to various environmental issues, for example, deforestation. By utilizing reused items for furniture you are lessening the utilization of our backwoods and valuable air separating trees for our everyday needs! We as a whole realize that our woodlands and trees assume a noteworthy job in counteracting an Earth-wide temperature boost.

Along these lines, reused plastic timber is rapidly becoming an asset that is searched out in a wide range of utilizations with both environmental focal points just as economical favorable circumstances. Reused plastic timber is unquestionably an item worth investigating with for all intents and purposes no upkeep the benefits of this environmentally well disposed item is evident and eco-friendly too

Grey room: 25 Simple Ideas For An Incredible Decor!

Grey is a prevalent color in bedrooms because it is a calm and neutral color, absolutely perfect for relaxing … Moreover, grey is an effortless color to marry; you can associate with almost any color or opt for different shades of grey.

The only drawback is that grey bedroom ideas can quickly become very annoying because this color is entirely neutral. Therefore, how to avoid a look too flat?
Enhance your grey bedroom with the different colors of your choice easily, with accessories and furniture, or use pictures or paintings, which are a simple and economical option.

How to assemble grey with other colors?

Gray is a neutral color that blends perfectly with any other color, from soft, pastel tones to bright, eye-catching hues.

It all depends, in fact, on the effect you want: combine gray with white or other neutral colors for a fresh, inviting look. If you want a more “glamorous” decor, opt for gray and some shades of pink, add a crystal chandelier and faux fur.

Combine the gray with the bright colors of your choice to create contrast and add depth and impact to your bedroom decor. How to infuse colors in your room? Opt for colorful bedding, curtains, carpets, paintings, and various furniture. Use multiple materials – knit pieces, faux fur, silk, multiple types of padding, leather, and wood to add texture to the bedroom and make it even more enjoyable.

To help you, we have selected 25 decorating ideas to give your gray room an incredible look.

Gray room with blue and fur texture


Add color with cushions and colorful bedding

Dark green goes very well in a gray room

Transform the wall of his bedroom into a gallery

A gallery on a wall is an increasingly popular element of interior design, and many homeowners adopt it at home. A gallery is quite easy to design, and you can include different elements, from quotes to your photos to paintings, to create different effects. Create a gallery wall above the headboard, in a nook that’s hard to build, or anywhere else, and you’ll get a bold decor without spending a lot of time or money.

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Rick And Morty Or Science By The Absurd

Last night, Adult Swim launched the highly anticipated when you watch rick and morty season 2, active delirium created by Justin Roiland (Adventure Time) and Dan Harmon, the creator of Community. A return on the fracture-based hats of reality on a background of quantum uncertainty, which made us ask ourselves the following question: and if the absurd was not the best way to stop taking people for idiots?

Not long ago, I complained in an editorial of the design of time travel and temporal paradoxes found in The Flash’s finale. A complaint to which I could get some helpful answers like “You have never traveled in time, you can not criticize,” or “You take your head too much, they are series of networks for teenagers. They are supposed to be entertaining and cool. So what ?! Can not we be entertaining without being stupid?

By moving away from any chain consideration (we mentioned here a series of CW, the finding is much broader), I can not help but notice that popular culture tends to lower its level of finesse to try to reach a more substantial mass. A race to the bottom that is affecting more and more domains and the media. Where so-called popular culture used to use the reference, the wink or even the knowledge even to reward or raise the one who consumed it (we are in 2015, accept this idea of consumption of culture), him to discover new things, it is content today to rely on patterns of repetitive stories to comfort and especially not to take the lead of spectators / readers / listeners / … who might change channels (you will understand that I rely mostly on the idea of television), causing producers and advertisers to lose money?

Rick And Morty And Bojack

But this sad fact inevitably leads to another: where the consumer of lambda product likes to comfort his conventional schemes that will not take his head, it is much less likely to question programs that, basic, have a certain amount of absurdity. And this is where popular culture, as we knew it at the time, moves towards more atypical programs. The Simpsons, Futuramas, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad and many, are the cartoons that, under the guise of free worlds, allow themselves to explore concepts as twisted as realistic. Aliens, time travel, alternative reality, etc. Even references to popular culture via parody or pastiche become commonplace.

And that’s the kind of universe that Dan Harmon seems to understand, and that he now masters as few people on television. A few years ago, Community quickly established itself as a meta and conceptual series model, playing precisely on this atypical side personified by Abed, allowing to explore parallel realities (the famous Darkest Timeline created following an unfortunate roll of dice ), the explosion of the fourth mature, or the methodical decorticating of the codes of popular culture. Harmon was showing that he knew what he was talking about and showed that he knew and respected his viewer. And also you can Watch Rick And Morty Online at watchrickandmorty.me

Time Broken Rick And Morty Season 2

Last year, accompanied by Justin Roiland (Doubles on Adventure Time and first doubler Rick and Morty), he launched Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. In the form of a parody of Doc and Marty, Back to the Future, the series explores the relationship of a grandfather and his grandson through adventures barred in time, space and dimensions. And under the guise of an absurd assertion, the series plays authentically with science more and more accepted by the community, without ever taking the road of unjustified ease. The series regularly launches three or four big concepts per episode, which are all tracks and pitches for spin-offs or series in themselves. It rests at the same time on the shoulders of the great masters of science-fiction and on that of its creators, masters of an imaginary infinite but not devoid of logic.

Parallel, double dimensions (maleficent or not), Schrödinger’s cat, temporal paradoxes, robotic armies, improbable life forms and all that can come out of a multiverse with infinite possibilities are finely (or not) explored in the series. A show that will entertain you without thinking you are idiots, and may even open you to some concepts you never thought of.