Rick And Morty

Last night, Adult Swim launched the highly anticipated when you watch rick and morty season 2, active delirium created by Justin Roiland (Adventure Time) and Dan Harmon, the creator of Community. A return on the fracture-based hats of reality on a background of quantum uncertainty, which made us ask ourselves the following question: and if the absurd was not the best way to stop taking people for idiots?

Not long ago, I complained in an editorial of the design of time travel and temporal paradoxes found in The Flash’s finale. A complaint to which I could get some helpful answers like “You have never traveled in time, you can not criticize,” or “You take your head too much, they are series of networks for teenagers. They are supposed to be entertaining and cool. So what ?! Can not we be entertaining without being stupid?

By moving away from any chain consideration (we mentioned here a series of CW, the finding is much broader), I can not help but notice that popular culture tends to lower its level of finesse to try to reach a more substantial mass. A race to the bottom that is affecting more and more domains and the media. Where so-called popular culture used to use the reference, the wink or even the knowledge even to reward or raise the one who consumed it (we are in 2015, accept this idea of consumption of culture), him to discover new things, it is content today to rely on patterns of repetitive stories to comfort and especially not to take the lead of spectators / readers / listeners / … who might change channels (you will understand that I rely mostly on the idea of television), causing producers and advertisers to lose money?

Rick And Morty And Bojack

But this sad fact inevitably leads to another: where the consumer of lambda product likes to comfort his conventional schemes that will not take his head, it is much less likely to question programs that, basic, have a certain amount of absurdity. And this is where popular culture, as we knew it at the time, moves towards more atypical programs. The Simpsons, Futuramas, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad and many, are the cartoons that, under the guise of free worlds, allow themselves to explore concepts as twisted as realistic. Aliens, time travel, alternative reality, etc. Even references to popular culture via parody or pastiche become commonplace.

And that’s the kind of universe that Dan Harmon seems to understand, and that he now masters as few people on television. A few years ago, Community quickly established itself as a meta and conceptual series model, playing precisely on this atypical side personified by Abed, allowing to explore parallel realities (the famous Darkest Timeline created following an unfortunate roll of dice ), the explosion of the fourth mature, or the methodical decorticating of the codes of popular culture. Harmon was showing that he knew what he was talking about and showed that he knew and respected his viewer. And also you can Watch Rick And Morty Online at watchrickandmorty.me

Time Broken Rick And Morty Season 2

Last year, accompanied by Justin Roiland (Doubles on Adventure Time and first doubler Rick and Morty), he launched Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. In the form of a parody of Doc and Marty, Back to the Future, the series explores the relationship of a grandfather and his grandson through adventures barred in time, space and dimensions. And under the guise of an absurd assertion, the series plays authentically with science more and more accepted by the community, without ever taking the road of unjustified ease. The series regularly launches three or four big concepts per episode, which are all tracks and pitches for spin-offs or series in themselves. It rests at the same time on the shoulders of the great masters of science-fiction and on that of its creators, masters of an imaginary infinite but not devoid of logic.

Parallel, double dimensions (maleficent or not), Schrödinger’s cat, temporal paradoxes, robotic armies, improbable life forms and all that can come out of a multiverse with infinite possibilities are finely (or not) explored in the series. A show that will entertain you without thinking you are idiots, and may even open you to some concepts you never thought of.