On September 13, the legendary license for the dystopian shooting game Borderlands was unearthed seven years later for a new installment pitting Lilith and the Ark Hunters against the Calypso Twins. The first Borderlands 3 CSD out of the four announced was released on December 19th and is entitled The Breakout of the Big Jackpot. Heading to the Borderlands 2 antagonist’s Casino to regain control.

If you’ve reached the discovery of the Sanctuary III ship in the main plot and passed level 13, you’ll be able to launch the Beautiful Jackpot DLC in the Moxxi bar. The lusty criminal sends you to a brand new area: the Beau Jack Casino, which has been abandoned for years after the death of the mythical antagonist of Borderlands 2. Moxxi believes he owns the casino and asks you to help him regain complete control. Except that in seven years of neglect, an entire ecosystem of rats and gangs has grown up there…

You are propelled into an abandoned casino that reflects the sadistic and egocentric personality of its late creator, the Beau Jack. The inspiration is clear: a Las Vegas that’s gone bad, where patrons get into debt and are locked in until their debt is paid off, which in most cases is never.

The concept, pushed to the extreme as the Borderlands universe knows how to do so well, is a success: between rigged slot machines that assault you, maddened customers and gang fights, the players have nothing to be bored about. Fans of the license and its most striking character, The Beautiful Jack, will appreciate the multiple references to the character that haunts these places at every corner.

The more or less subtle humour and the atmosphere of Borderlands are perfectly found in the casino. Colourful characters guide the player through the plot: there is a playable character from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, this time present as an NPC, and many new and successful protagonists. Players face new opponents, several more or less interesting bosses, and discover a new means of locomotion; all this without counting the exclusive DLC weapons. The expansion also offers simple challenges to complete in each zone and nine side quests. In terms of the amount of content, the contract seems to be fulfilled for an expansion at €14.99. What about quality?

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